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Companies that we have partnered with include SAP and Nissan as founding members of the collaborative and (in alphabetical order) Adobe, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, IBM, National Science Foundation, Toyota ITC, and Viasat.

To discuss Strategic Partnerships, email:

The Design Lab Collaborative is our community of corporate, civic, and community partners focused on joint thought leadership, mutually advantageous project opportunities, and access to the talent needed for success.  The Collaborative name reflects the fact that the association is built upon and comprised of truly collaborative values, relationships, and work.

Partner with us to explore more effective, integrated interventions and solutions to better your organization!


  1. Advance the theory and practice of design through interdisciplinary collaborations with industry, policymakers, and community groups.
  2. Solve global (common) problems by improving human-technology teamwork guided by the principles and practices of people-centered design.
  3. Build and nurture a strong talent pipeline based on mutual access:
    • For partners – access to Design Lab faculty and students.
    • For the Design Lab – access to a real-world, living laboratory for mutually beneficial research and educational content.

How we work together

Our Collaborative partners are an integral part of our Design Lab team.  Rather than simply providing “design for hire,” we work with our consortium to generate ideas, products, and services that serve critical human needs. We operate within a broad and experienced network of faculty, students, researchers, and design practitioners.  Our cutting edge sandbox extends from ideation spaces to prototyping labs and simulation spaces to our full university community of all departments, schools, and divisions.

We are looking for inspiring partners to solve big problems.  Please join us!

Our partners and sponsors contribute through tax-deductible donations to UC San Diego, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational institution. We honor sponsors through recognition on our website, at events, and in research specific to each donor.

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