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The Designer-in-Residence program (DiR) at the Design Lab is a core part of the Design Lab’s engagement with “the real world” and commitment to evidence-based design practices.

The Designer-in-Residence program (DiR) provides practitioners and leaders in industry, government, community, and design an opportunity to work in the Design Lab’s interdisciplinary setting at the intersection of education, research, and application.

The DiR program offers access and collaboration with UC San Diego’s leading design practitioners, researchers, students, faculty and alumni on a topic or project of mutual interest. Additionally, a vital aspect of the program is the general exchange of knowledge, skills, and ideas. Designers-in-Residence are invited to participate in all general Design Lab activities and events and asked to contribute to the learning environment through speaking, workshops, training, consulting, research, and more.

The program is designed for individuals and organizations to be flexible and customizable based on needs and expectations (e.g., duration, time spent in the Design Lab, project scope, deliverables, etc.) We understand the importance and benefits of being less focused on logistic constraints and more on meaningful content and outcomes that fit into participants’ busy lives.

Now Accepting Applications

The Design Lab is currently accepting applications for Designers-In-Residence for 2023. Please click the link to access the application form, complete it as requested, and submit.


Current Designers-in-Residence

Andrew Krause

Ángela Serrano

Bianca Alvarado

Bruce Appleyard

Chantelle Domingue

Diana Robinson

Dinorah Gonzalez

Hernando Durán

James Quazi

Jesse Rutherford

Joan Gregor

Joe Erpelding

Jorge F Sanchez

Lunna Pigatto 

Mark Hansen

Maximo Matus Ruiz

Michelle Woodhouse

Rodolfo Argote

Susanna Peredo Swap

Past Designers-in-Residence

Alicia Griffiths

Andrea Anderson

bennet peiji ucsd design lab

Bennett Peji

brian leduc ucsd design lab

Brian LeDuc

(May 2019 – April 2021)

Carrie Sawyer

Charles Chamberlayne

Charles Chamberlayne

ucsd design lab daniel suh

Daniel Suh

(February 2020 - April 2021)

Dr. Eddie Matthews

Eduardo Hernandez

Eduardo Hernandez

emilia pucci ucsd design lab

Emilia Pucci

(October 2018 – April 2021)
Grace Rieger ucsd design lab

Grace Rieger

(May 2019 – April 2021)
J. Tanner Cusick

J. Tanner Cusick

Julika J. Lomas ucsd design lab

Julika J. Lomas

Katalina Silva Reyes

Laura E. Araujo

laura spencer ucsd design lab

Laura Spencer

Nazima Ahmad ucsd design lab

Nazima Ahmad

Paula Intravaia

Randy Tran Designer-in-Residence Design Lab UCSD

Randy Tran

Scott Polach

Seda Evis ucsd design lab

Seda Evis

Silmon “James” Briggs

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