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SPUR Team 11

The project report addresses the critical need to assist undergraduate students, faculty, and staff in obtaining paid research opportunities to enhance their experience and readiness for research.


SPUR Team 10

The team addresses a fundamental challenge in the academic environment: enhancing the understanding between staff, faculty, administrators, and undergraduate students to foster a productive mentorship culture. This initiative seeks to bridge the gap between these groups, ensuring that students can…


SPUR Team 9

This project aims to bridge the communication gap between faculty and undergraduate students at UC San Diego, focusing on enhancing faculty understanding of undergraduates' needs to improve research outcomes and establish best practices in mentorship. Recognizing the diverse motivations and…


SPUR Team 8

The presentation by Team 8 focused on developing pathways to undergraduate research, aiming to alleviate anxiety, spark interest, and enhance outcomes for students at UC San Diego. The team was comprised academic and career development professionals, along with student contributors,…


SPUR Team 7

At the start, we reviewed the problem statement and took it at face value as a starting point for our discussions with potential stakeholders. How might we help undergraduate students better understand the research ecosystem to provide insights, create interest,…

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